Eh! Maria Ozawa pun suka Tgk Video Ariel dan Luna Maya

Ariel video turned out not only responded to the hot movie star in America but also respond to domestic hot movie star sakura is Japanese. Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi (23), apparently following the hot video scene in Indonesia is similar to the former vocalist of Peterpan characters, Ariel, and two presenters like Luna Maya and Cut Tari.

Miyabi could comment on his Twitter account after seeing the video, entitled Peterporn. In a Twitter account that is updated since Friday (06/11/2010) until Saturday (12/06/2010) night, Miyabi revealed that she could finally get the videos that bed scene after two days of searching.

Curvy girl bloody Japanese-French-Canadian actor, admits curious about the video. Although it does not say much about the people who are in a video nasty, the Miyabi again commented on Twitter, among others, wants to know who the male actor who later received a porn video that Peterporn nickname.

“Guys, after two days search on the web, today I get the real video of peterporn. Many thanks for my follower in Indonesia WHO give the link …” Miyabi commented.

In subsequent comments, Miyabi expressed his desire to be able to find out the figure of a man who looked like Ariel “Peterpan” and the two famous women presenters. According to the girl who is now tattooing his left arm with a picture of roses and cherry, the porn video starring that handsome men and beautiful women cast.

Hiroko, Miyabi manager, when contacted by electronic mail revealed that the news about the porn video was titled Peterporn Miyabi accidentally received in his Twitter account. Furthermore, from the accident that Miyabi began searching in cyberspace and ended up with a path that is sent by his followers who claimed to be an Indonesian.

Meanwhile, Keike Kasumi, a student of Japanese art who had accompanied the Warta Kota, when a visit to Tokyo, when contacted by electronic mail on Sunday (06/13/2010) morning revealed, the news about hot video titled Peterporn is already crowded with teenagers Japan especially in Tokyo, because access to download from the internet very easily.

In fact, the word Keike, with a cellular phone which was connected to the internet porn videos can be downloaded. However, the girl born in Nakano, Japan, this does not know how many teenagers in the country which already download it. It’s just that, as long as three days this video is so material to be discussed and sought. Keike also claim to have downloaded one of these Peterporn video.

“One that I have downloaded the video picture quality is better. If it is not wrong with the picture side. In the video starring pretty-faced female. Face of Asia, but her skin was very good. While the men look handsome with a little dark skin , “Said Keike who claimed he had deleted the file download it from the memory cell phone.

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